Map Your Path Digital Services

MAPVA Referral Program

Starting January 23, 2022, MAPVA will be offering referral rewards to current MAPVA Clients. If you tell another business owner about MAPVA and they pay a deposit, then you will receive a $50 credit for any MAPVA service including maintenance and subscription fees.

How it Works:

Step 1:

A current MAPVA client will tell another small business owner that MAPVA can help them gain instant credibility with a website.

Step 2:

That small business will contact us via a contact form, call, or email for a consultation. During those exchanges, they will tell us you were their referral source.

Step 3:

Once that referral pays a deposit, then you will receive a $50 credit, which can be used towards any MAPVA service, including maintenance fees and subscription fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no limit to how many referral credits you can receive. We will honor any referral that lists you and pays a deposit.

We will track the referrals by the website form submissions question, “Who referred you?” and if the person tells us you were referred during the consultation.

You will receive the referral credit once the client pays a deposit. This credit will be applied in the same month that the deposit is paid.

Yes. This credit is only available for active website clients.

This program is only for contracts starting January 2023 and forward.